Week 9 MNGT 138

The three marketing pieces that were created for Dillanos Coffee Roasters are an email newsletter, a postcard and a 30 second video about an upcoming event for the roaster. Each piece plays a significant role in marketing for the release party and the coffee that Dillanos roasts.

The email newsletter with a note from the CEO is sent to all current customers and anyone else who signed up for the newsletter through the website or at trade shows. It explains the upcoming release of the newest Dillanos single origin coffee and the corresponding event to celebrate it. It also offers a discount for early registry of the event. This is a great piece to send out to customers who have already agreed to receiving email offers and updates from the company so it wouldn’t be considered spam.

The postcard is something that can be sent out with all shipping and delivery orders, handed out at any prior event or trade show or left at the front desk for customers that come in to purchase coffee. The postcard outlines the upcoming event and gives time and place details so that people know when, where, and how to register and attend the event. It also includes a well photographed visual that might entice customers to want to attend the coffee release party.

The video is a sequence of photographs arranged in the order of “crop to cup”, or, in simpler terms. the order that coffee is harvested all the way up to you being able to drink it. It serves as a learning experience, a lovely visual, and the text on a few of the images shares the upcoming event info with whoever is watching it. The purpose of the video is to try to illustrate the hard work and commitment that goes into creating a new roast, like the one that the attendees are having the opportunity to taste at the event.

All of these pieces correspond together with the overall company marketing to show the commitment to the customers in bringing them the best roasted coffee.


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