Week 8 MNGT 137

This quarter I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and really enjoyed the content I read. In each section, broken up by the 7 habits, I took away plenty of leadership and personal/professional development tools.

For the first  couple of habits I learned goal setting and how to write a personal and professional mission statement. These tactics will enable me to visualize where I’m going and how I’m going to accomplish it proactively. By creating goals and giving myself a vision for where I want to be, it will make it easier to move forward into the place I’m trying to go.

Other things I learned while reading through habits 3-6 included time management, delegations, active listening and synergy. Learning to prioritize what is important in order to weed out the unimportant tasks while achieving a goal is critical for developing leadership skills and moving towards my goals. Listening to those around me in order to be a strong leader, instead of a dictator and learning to work with others through delegation and teamwork are all important skills that are learned from these habits.

Habit 7 you learn to evaluate your progress and decided if you stay the course or change it up a bit, in order to reach your goal. Checking in with myself while I’m on this long journey is what ensures my success instead of being caught off guard.

I enjoy blogging when I am given a prompt for a post as opposed to having to come up with my own content. I think it can be easier to blog for a class than it is for personal or professional because it’s much easier to follow guidelines for so many words and an exact topic that we’re learning about.


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