Week 6 MNGT 138

Hello from Dillanos! I’m the CEO, David Morris. When I started Dillanos Coffee Roasters in 1992 I didn’t ever think it could become what it is today. We pride ourselves on our amazing coffee, but we’re even more proud of the company culture our employees and our customers have helped create. It’s important to us that each of our customers, new and existing, understand and feel like part of the Dillanos family. This is our most important goal and why our mission statement is simply: HELP PEOPLE, MAKE FRIENDS, AND HAVE FUN!

EMAIL EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Spread The Love! Reply to this email with the name and email address of 3 friends or family members, and each of you will receive 40% off your next Dillanos purchase! Act fast though because this offer is only available through Valentine’s Day! This includes all whole bean and syrup flavors, as well as coffee accessories such as mugs and Dillanos branded merchandise.

Only 3 friends per person, please. Offer excludes brewing equipment.

Check out our write up in Roast magazine for 2011 Roaster of the Year!

“DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS is downsizing. That’s right, the company­-which is housed in a 45,000-square-foot facility in Sumner, Wash., with plenty of room to grow-decided to go mini with its latest purchase. “We know a lot of roasters who started out small, but built up and bought bigger roasters as they grew,” says Dillanos co-owner Chris Heyer. “We did that, too. But in the last year, we also purchased a 25-kilo Probat, which is way smaller than the other roasters we have. We’re almost going in reverse.”



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