Week 6 MNGT 136

When it comes to getting new clients or business for the company I chose to follow, Pepper Pot Polish, I think the three most important things to do are networking, then making sure to follow up, using social media to reach a larger audience and take advantage of communities, and offering periodic deals and specials to entice new buyers.

Networking can be tricky, but making connections wherever you go, making sure to have an “elevator pitch”, carrying business cards and then following up each introduction with a “nice to meet you” letter or email can be a very important tool to grow this small business. So many times people say one thing and do another, and especially in business, keeping your promises or referencing something you talked about with a potential customer will create a bond and help establish a long lasting relationship.

Exploiting social media for its vast reach to otherwise out of reach customers for a small business is an essential tool for a start-up trying to make a name for themselves. Even better, joining a community within social media and creating a bond with others in your industry can help to push your brand out even farther with co-advertising.

Offering deals to new and established customers can act as a thank you, but also entice new buyers to try your brand. If your product is good, but they just needed a deal for the extra push to buy, then you have the ability to gain them as a life-long customer from that point forward.


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