Week 5 MNGT 138

At Dillanos, video is a pretty common marketing tactic used across all of the social media platforms. There is usually at least one video posted each week to each of the separate social media accounts. Typically video is used for either education or entertainment. On the education side, video is often used to showcase farming practices, roasting, alternative brew methods or a cupping presentation to give customers an idea of what goes into creating the product they are purchasing and drinking. On the entertainments side, videos are usually posted of office or employee shenanigans. The Dillanos company culture is a point of pride and sharing that family and fun mentality with customers is very important to the business.

I believe Dillanos is doing a great job with video, but could absolutely do more. The problem is less about the frequency, but instead, like most small businesses, more about the time and the man power involved in creating things like that. Because there is only one person involved in the digital marketing it becomes more difficult to be able to capture a video of every worthy moment to share with the customers. This could be combated by having employees share their videos of things they are involved with around the business or by doing a call out to the customers to share their Dillanos videos and either select a winner or simple showcase one or two videos a day that use a certain hashtag to post on their personal social media site.


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