Week 5 MNGT 136

As a growing small business Pepper Pot Polish always seems to be pushing the boundaries to grow and move forward based on trial and error and customer reviews. A big part of the success of the company has been the transparency of the creation process. Not everything has been a home run, but letting customers in on a little of the behind the scenes action always helps build brand loyalty. The top three methods that Pepper Pot Polish is using to enhance the brand are:

1. The Pepper Pot Mystery Bag-

When a customer orders a mystery bag they get 3 colors that are unknown to them. One color is a current brand favorite or top seller, the other is a new color that the company is testing out and the last color is a discontinued color that was being sold at a discounted price. By doing this, she is adding a fun element, creating a trust based relationship with her customers and testing out the newest colors to see if they’re popular.

2. Brand Specific Hashtag-

When a customer uses a Pepper Pot Polish, the company encourages taking pictures of the color, commenting on what they think and using the hashtag #PepperPotPolish. This not only creates a community for the customers to come to, but also helps the business gauge how successful certain colors are.

3. Adding Complimenting Products to the Pepper Pot Line-

Just before Christmas Pepper Pot Polish rolled out a line of cuticle oils to compliment the nail polish offerings. There were multiple scents and they were being sold in gift bags with polishes to help promote the all of the products the company creates.


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