Week 4 MNGT 136

There are two specific UX problems, for me, that always seem to make or break whether I will use a website again. The first one can ruin an online shopping experience if I am trying to buy multiple items during one visit. Companies that don’t have the foresight to include a simple notification when you add an item to your cart, or the ability to visually see how many items are in your cart without leaving your current browsing page and going to your cart, can create a very unpleasant and time consuming problem for shoppers. Usually if a customer has to navigate back and forth from different pages just to make sure they are able to purchase an item properly customers will be less inclined to continue visiting that site.

The simple and obvious fix would be to have your website developer write in code to add a notification for when items get added to a cart or to add a design function that shows your cart count at the top or to the right of the page where the customer can easily see it.

The second, and, in some ways, biggest problem a website can run into is a hidden call to action button. If the whole goal of your website is to have customers call your business to move forward for a service, or to purchase an item, but the phone number or “buy” button isn’t obvious and easily accessed on your page, people won’t spend a lengthy amount of time searching for what they need.

This is another pretty simple fix buy adding a large and obvious “buy” button in a place that customers are already looking for it, such as the the right/bottom of the page with the product on it, or for a phone number at the top of the page in a large font.


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