Week 4 MNGT 138

For my bad dog event poster I created for the week 4 discussion, I found it to be a fun, easy project. After designing for other people and businesses for the last 10 years it’s always nice when I have full control over a project I’m working on. Especially when I can interject some humor and talk about my ridiculous dog. 🙂 The challenge of creating something that is visually pleasing while fulfilling certain parameters is one of the main reasons I became a designer. I love it when I’m forced to think outside of the box and push the boundaries to make something visually appealing. Or even better, when I have parameters that are lacking in creativity (i.e. name, date, location) and make them into a fun and artistic creation.

I didn’t struggle too much with this project anymore than I do with any new project. The initial brainstorming of an idea is always the biggest hurdle for me to get over, then deciding on only one of the ideas I’ve come up with. The next big challenge for me is always layout. I will move type around two million times in the smallest increments until I feel like the design is balanced and visually even. I have spent over a week just moving around tiny elements on a page to make it look right. It’s even more pronounced with typography based designs because the littlest bit off kilter a word or even a letter is, it will throw off the entire design. I usually have to budget the most time in the small details in order to make an end product I’m proud of.


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