Week 3 MNGT 138

Typically when I browse social media sites I am quickly scrolling through until I see pictures or videos that catch my eye, a keyword or hashtag that interests me or a specific person’s post that I’m looking for. It’s pretty rare that I’ll stop to read a long Facebook post because I don’t look to that social media site for reading content. Usually when it comes to social media sites I look at them for instant gratification or as a down time activity.

The same goes for websites for me. Unless it’s a news media site, I’m generally scanning the web site for either the product or information I’m specifically looking for. I enjoy reading news sites on laptops or other devices that have bigger screens because it’s easier on my eyes, and generally try to avoid any lengthy reading on my smartphone. I will invest a lot of time to a news site on articles or short stories I find interesting, but I tend to budget less time for that over something I can just scan quickly.

After reading all of the articles in this module I find that I definitely agree with what I have learned. As a whole, I think people tend to scan instead of research on websites and social media. It’s a learned habit that we’ve all adopted because we live in a fast paced, need everything right now, live streaming kind of world. I believe that social media was a huge catalyst for these habits because of the instant gratification aspect that we all seek when viewing those sites.


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