Week 3 MNGT 136

UI versus UX. What’s the difference? Long story short, a person who is a UI designer, or user interface designer is creating how the end product is laid out while the UX designer or user experience designer is focused on how the end product feels. When discussing how a product “feels” it’s mostly referring to the flow of the product. They ask questions like “how do you want to move through from one step to another?” or “what is the logical way to navigate this product?” A UI designer’s main concern is, then to lay out the product page(s) to illustrate the UX designers vision of the flow. For the most part UI designers are focused on consistency and analytics, while UX designers deal with in-person testing of a product to see what feels right to a user. These two jobs, that work so closely together, represent two completely different types of thought processes. While one is certainly more geared towards emotions and feelings, the other is completely focused on function and analytical ideas, but both are extremely necessary in the creation of a whole product.

Many companies, unfortunately, try to combine the position into one, creating a blurry job. With two completely different schools of thought working together to create a product, it almost feels like a Jekyll and Hyde type situation for one person to take on both of the roles. It’s also pretty common to see jobs requiring a UI to also plan the role of Visual Designer.


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