Week 2 MNGT 138

The crucial differences between writing for the web and writing for print all relate to making the website easier to scan over more quickly. This gives the reader the ability to find what they are looking for efficiently, without wasting time trying to find what they need in a sea of text. As someone who tries to pay close attention to my grammar, these rules can be somewhat painful to break when it comes to simplifying for the web. Some quick tips for web writing from the article Break Grammar Rules on Websites for Clarity, by Hoa Loranger include writing the number version of a number instead of the letters such as 3 instead of three or 8 instead of eight, using sentence fragments or “snippets” instead of forming a complete sentence that is text heavy and using one sentence “paragraphs” when necessary instead of the typical 3-5 sentence structure. These allow the reader to focus on what is being emphasized in a quick manner instead of having to read an entire document to understand what a website has to offer, for example.

This manner of writing is often referred to as Plain Language or plain text, and it simply is a style of writing specifically for the web to encourage the reader to quickly find and fully understand what they are looking for. When writing content for the web try to focus on just the facts. I have written out a full sentence on something before, then broken it down into what was really crucial and important to include for the web. Also, thinking more along the lines of bullet points instead of complete sentences has helped me write web content in the past.


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