Week 1 MNGT 136

As a project manager, besides having an understanding of the project you are working on, you need to have extensive knowledge in things such as time management, planning and budgeting, employee management, contracts, communication and research. Therefore, project management is important in the creation of a website for a customer because it requires most of those skills. Some of the more obvious factors in creating a website are multiple technical experts are required in the creation of a website, different customers have different budgets for their projects and a lot of clients require a strict timeline for their site launch date and content. In order for the design to go smoothly, a project manager must make sure the project is executed efficiently by keeping the team on track with time, budget and the agreed upon plan or design for the website.

With all the intricacies that go into developing and designing a website, there are many people to manage and keep on a strict timeline as well as a constant open line of communication with the client. Without a project manager the development of a website could easily get off track and things could fall through the cracks. Having one person to keep a team on track and keep a client in the loop is arguably the most important role in the creation of a website.


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