All Bodies Are Good Bodies

This article made me angry. The author claims she’s a body love activist, but she’s completely missing the point of shame discrimination. Why does it matter what end of the spectrum we, as women (or anyone really), fall on? The point of the movement is to teach us all how to love the bodies we have, no matter what our size, by learning TO TREAT OUR BODIES BETTER. Your size pales in comparison to treating your body healthy, and learning to love it through those actions.

What I gathered from this author is that she has a negative idea of what skinny is because she had to go to great lengths (read: bulimia) to get to a point she (or thought society would) consider her attractive. Her claims that skinny-shaming is not to be compared to fat-shaming sound like her projections of how she felt when she was at both ends of the spectrum.

So her intersectional approach to dispelling that they are similar is that fat-shaming is two things: sexism AND fatphobia. OH TWO THINGS! I get it now! Give me a break. You don’t also think those kinds of parallels exist in skinny-shaming? What about jealousy? Emaciatophobia? (Yeah, it’s real)

I guess there isn’t some grand point I’m trying to make here other than shaming is shaming and as long as we continue to separate what we consider fat from skinny, male from female, tall from short, etc, we’re offering all forms of shaming a limitless breeding ground.


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